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By unity I mean just that, really. A 1V P2P input should give you a 1V P2P output. I wouldn't bother trying to measure or meter that, though. Rather, just leave Reaper's Master fader at 0 (this is unity, 0db gain), and try to figure out where that same 0db gain is on your other applications and the soundcard output. That might be all the way up, or just a bit short of all the way cause some will actually add gain at the top. Especially with consumer grade products like your soundcard, it's tough to say exactly what they think they're doing. I guess if there's like a mark or line next to the virtual volume knob it probably denotes the unity setting??? Actually, when you switched to the straight ASIO it's running flat EQ at unity, so set the volume to be about that loud and then turn down at the monitors.

But yeah, like I said any damage you do after the signal leaves Reaper won't get recorded, and as long as you're not hearing inordinate amounts of noise or noticeable distortion (pretty much the opposite extremes of gain staging issues) you're fine.

The title of this thread bothers me. Maybe we covered it before, but that EQ in your soundcard's software is definitely after Reaper, not before.
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