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The advice above is good. The ideal, I guess, would be to use a monitor system that is actually flat down as low as you feel necessary, treat your room so that the bass coming out of that flat system stays as flat as possible in the air, and get used to the way your reference material sounds on that system. Any "corrective" EQ is kind of a workaround. But maybe you just like a little more bass. Nothing really wrong with boosting the low end on the way to the monitors just for personal taste, I guess, as long as you're careful to be sure this boost isn't pushing your soundcard or (much worse) monitor amps into distortion. The meters in Reaper won't show you the effect of your soundcard's EQ. It'll show you what you're recording, but it won't tell you what's getting sent to the monitors.

I guess maybe it hasn't been explicitly said, but that soundcard EQ almost definitely happens after Reaper. It's pretty much the last thing that happens to any audio on its way out that hole, and won't have any direct effect on what's being recorded. As mentioned above, that's the way you want it. You defintely don't want to add bass to your recordings just to satisfy your playback system.
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