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Hi gpunk_w

Yes i have consitered putting an EQ on the master and go flat on the EQ on the soundcard.
But that doesnt seem practical to me because then i would haveto use that VST EQ on my musicplayer also and what else have we.
The soundcard EQ is atleast all in one place and everything is getting through that cards EQ.
I wantto have it identical as when i'm listening to music in general as i am currently developing my "getting used to muscle" for my monitors/enviroment.

But if noone directly object! to the way i am doing it now using my soundcards EQ permanently then i shall continue, for now.

I am about the sound of the monitors since it lacks little bit in the low for my taste, if it had a bas knob, i would tweak it abit, now, i haveto use what ive got and i prefeer having one EQ in one place that affects everything.
I do have a Behringer Ultrafex II that maby will work for my needs, if it still works.. but then i would haveto use it also when i am just casualy listening to music which feels hmm unecessary.

For example, i don't wantto use Behringer for Reaper and Soundcard for general music as i wantto get used to the sound of my monitors developing my listening muscle.

If my monitors had a basboost on 60hz i would use that of course only but, what is the differance of using that versus the soundcard EQ 60hz for example? or any other hardware that could provide the same.

Also, i'm really thinking that a sub could actually help me solve this completely since then atleast i have more controls over the lows and i suspect Yamaha intended this and therefor did not add a low hz knob on the monitors.
Sounds great if that solution was free of charge.

Anyways, for now.. So, there is absolutely nothing "wrong" with doing this EQ-thing and this is not uncommon thing to do anyway? am i getting this right? say yes.

Ps-btw, the monitors handle low bas well and you could have a party with them, it's just that you need a little boost to taste.
Also, they are flat and clear/detailed and since most music i trow at it sounds good in %, something must be Ok with them then.
So, i would not even dream of EQ'ing anything else except the 60-thingie when listening to music.

Ps2. Also, this is more of an mythbuster question that i would like to have busted by you guys.

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