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Default Using NINJAM live - some issues we're trying to work through

We are using NINJAM within REAPER and a dedicated server to allow me to play "live" with a couple of bands that I play with regularly. I am stuck in the hospital for several months and this is the best tool I've found to play "live" on songs that lend themselves to working with the loop (same set of changes through the entire song, no bridges, key modulations etc). It is working surprisingly well, but there are a couple of things that would make it even better if we can work them out.

1) We want to change the click sounds to some wood blocks or other less abrasive sounds that will sit in the mix better when we have to bring the click in on the PA to get the time back in. The ideal would be to be able to route the click to a different output than the audio mix so we can send it just to a monitor near the drummer. I found the instructions to change the samples in REAPER for the click, but they don't change the sounds that NINJAM uses. I'm hoping there's another way to do this for the NINJAM plugin.

2) to get the audio from the stage to my remote session we are using a Tascam digital recorder in monitor mode and using the internal mics and limiter to create a live mix, then sending the headphone out from the Tascam to REAPER / NINJAM. The issue we are having here is that we can't seem to be able to record / send the audio without having the monitor enabled. With the monitor enabled we are having issues with feedback, even with the level set low on the stage end. Is there any way that we can record and broadcast this track without monitoring live?

Thanks in advance for any ideas!
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