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Originally Posted by Joesi View Post
First, I want to thank you! What a beautiful piece of work!
Do I have your permission to refine it a bit? I mean, push it a little further to the original? This is the first step of many others that'll follow.
What do you think?

Hi, Joesi

Good job ! You just did exactly what I have in mind for a next update, as I was actually planning to integrate this original surface color of the REDD series which is missing, in my view.

The problem is that, for this to work efficiently (the background color of the mixer staying stable, no matter the track color choosed by the user), the Tint track panel backgrounds option in the preferences needs to be unchecked, the 'real' color backgrounds being added as layouts for both the tcp and the mixer. Another way would be to create a new version of the theme including the version 5 instruction in the rtconfig.txt header. This one would have included, maybe, a thin area showing the actual track color near the meters in the tcp and involving the strip labels in the mixer.

I still haven't made my mind about the best solution, but the added layouts would probably be more efficient, at least at a first stage.

So, of course, you can use it and do your own mod theme or allow me to integrate this in a futur version of mine. But if you have more improvements in mind, it's probably better to do your own version. We could discuss this via PM : just let me know...
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