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Originally Posted by cubic13 View Post
Thanks also to you three for your reactions.

So, it's +12 instead of +6dB. I probably done at a very early stage (when starting to use Reaper) the change, as I don't even remember about it. Honestly, I don't want to go again for the tedious recalibration work of all this, which implies also a redesign of the whole mcp.volume and mcp.meters backgrounds. So, too bad, I'm going to let it as it is, at least for a while. Thanks for the info.

Hi, mate. I wasn't thinking of making them more darker but making them more long under the knobs themselves. AFAICS in the very few pictures of the original REDD series that I could gather, they are quite high over the surface of the device, so it would make sense, in my view, to make the shadows more visible when compared to the buttons. Think I'm for another Knobman session...
Yeah - they had almost identical faders at the old Nashville RCA B studio and they are TALL in the saddle. the actual curved section that the fader runs in stands about an inch or so proud of the desk at the centre of its travel! More like controls on an old fashioned boat or a railway signal box!
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