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Originally Posted by ThomasE View Post
This metadata development is amazing!

Some thoughts about metadata and mastering:

When mastering and exporting individual files for an album, there are lots of metadata to put in the right places.

Consider an album with an Album artist and Album title. These will be common for all exported files. Then each track/song usually has a Title, Artist (often but not always the same as album artist), and ISRC, as well as Year, Genre, Comment etc if these are used. Using for example a global project variable such as $author to pass the Artist name, as in the examples, would be quite limiting.

All commonly used metadata can currently be passed to the DDP export via marker names using the "#TITLE=...|ISRC=...|etc" format for tracks, and "@TITLE=...|etc" for the album.

If this method could somehow be used to pass wildcards to the Render/Metadata embedding as well, then I'd be happy. Or even better if there are more elegant solutions, like heda's suggestion about additional metadata fields for items and regions.

Also hoping for ISRC embedding via the aXML chunk. This is the standard that's being used:

These features would hopefully make it possible to create all common deliverables for a mastering project from within Reaper, without relying on scripts and external programs. That would be something!
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