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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
The only thing that is missing is the connection between those "widgets" and midi controls.
For now, I'm writing an oscii-bot script, that would tie together my midi controller and those "widgets" from .ReaperOSC file. Everything is going well, so far, except one thing: there's no way to remap widget's order for fx parameters, based on the plugin name.
Not exactly true, though. There is a way, but it would be the same as Geoff is planning to develop for the intergrator - match current plugin name and rearrange controls, based on some section inside the script. And that's a bummer. For now, my script is already over 1500 lines.

For now, I'm going to experiment with oscii-bot's file access functions. Maybe, it wouldn't be too hard to develop such thing, using oscii-bot an EEL2 (meh!).
It would still require writing maps manually, but I can do this for my most used plugins, I hope.

As for the integrator, I simply give up. Good luck with your project, Geoff, and Happy New Year! 🎄��🎄
Yeah, I've had the feeling for a while that the 2 projects are quite similar, but take markedly different approaches.

Thanks for stopping by, it's been helpful, and if i can do anything to help on your project, don't be shy, all the best and Happy New Year !!
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