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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
If that "Mute" name should be mandatory for any device, I'm against it.
Not every device has dedicated Mute buttons.
Hmmm. must not be explaining this well, let me try again.

I'm suggesting that if the button says Mute on the surface you name it "Mute".

if there is no Mute button you don't name anything Mute.

We are NOT attempting to designate function here, but rather, to simply come up with common language for naming widgets.

So everyone that has MCU's would name their widgets the same, everyone who had novation SL's would name theirs the same, etc.

Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
So, I find naming controls by functions counter intuitive, since in many scenarios, those buttons might not be used as "mute".
Yes, we are not naming by function, we are simply using the name printed on the surface so that everyone uses the same names for the widgets.

As you say there is no guarantee or requirement that Mute gets to do Mute, that's just one of many possibilities.

The whole exercise is to facilitate sharing maps, that's all.
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