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Originally Posted by fuseburn View Post
If you actually hear crackles, increase media pre-buffer size. But it's very very rare that this is happening.

If Reaper takes too long to pre-buffer media (press play - a few seconds pass - playback starts), get a faster SSD where you're reading the media files from.

Reaper handles huge sessions with millions of cuts exceptionally well, so whichever of the 2 mentioned above might be your problem, there is a solution :-)
my buffer is high enough (1024 0r 2048) so it can't be that. I realised that because I chopped lot of parts and used "fill gaps" function, it created sometimes hundereds overlapped media item on each track, and the project had already lot of tracks.

I would need a function like only play one audio file per track, or delete overlapped items...
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