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How many of them are there? 30? 3000? 3000000?

The thing is, that the more items you have, the more Reaper has to shuffle memory around. This is basically like, if you have one big piece of paper on your desktop. You can move it around very easily.
Now cut it into 30.000 pieces and try to move them around. It'll take a lot of time.

There are some things you can try to improve:

1) restart Reaper, as memory could become defragmented over time, so reopening the project could lead to better organisation of the memory. This could make things faster a little.
2) restart computer, as sometimes all programs currently running defragment the computer's memory to an extend, that everything becomes slower
3) use subprojects/stems for project-tracks, of which you already finished cuts. Render them out, and replace the tracks with the rendered one, so reduce the amount of individual items in the track.
For instance: if track one holds the drumline and you are finished editing it, render it out and replace the items on track 1 with the rendered out version of it.
It's probably a good idea to save the project under a new name, so you still have access to the drumtrack with all edits, in case you need to work on them a little more.
You can also try to glue the items, also to reduce the number of items used in your project.

There are probably more tips possible, but for that, we would need to know more about the project.
Do you use computing-intensive plugins/instruments? Which ones?
Is your computer fast enough? How fast is it?
Is the harddrive/SSD from which you load audio-files(if you use something else than MIDI) fast enough?

etc etc
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