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Default Motu UltraLite-mk3 Hybrid Problems

Hi All.
Has anyone had a good experience with this interface?
Meaning, no pops, clicks, weird sample rate drift, etc.

I bought one new, and have had these issues since I've had it.
Some days it works ok, and out the blue it starts messing up.
I'm using it with Windows 10 Pro, and USB 2.0.
I've read all the threads, and seems like others have experienced the same kinda stuff.

Just wondering, even if I had to go back to an older computer rig, would it be any better, or bought a Mac mini or something from a few years back, would it be stable with firewire on a Mac mini?

It's still under warranty, and all Motu said was to send it back, and they would send me a replacement.
Just wondering, if I do that, would the replacement be the same.
There latest Windows drivers are dated in 2015.

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to share if they have had a stable system with this unit.


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