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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
It doesn't contain a desktop ... I mentioned when I said "headless" that's what that means.
Exactly (Regarding Windows "desktop" supposedly is the correct term for what I called "GUI". In Linux the correct term would be "X" - but here you would explicitly add a widget set and a Windowing system between the user program and X itself, and the X server can accessed be via network).

And to me "headless" is qualifying the hardware to not featuring an always accessible general purpose monitor / mouse / keyboard interface. But that does not (and IMHO should not) pervent being able to access your software via Remote Desktop, or VNC, or "X" or ... . All these require the OS to provide the Desktop API to the user programs. With Linux (e.g. on a RasPI running Debian) this is not a problem at all. In most (low volume distribution) cases the graphics hardware is provided, anyway.

Hence a decent embedded (which now is called "IoT") OS should feature an optionally activateable "Desktop" API (including widget set library etc), that can be provided with an optional binding to Graphics hardware (if available, like e.g. on a RasPI), but also runnable without graphics hardware (supposedly only with highly dedicated hardware manufactured in high volume).


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