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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
I saw that too
...and it works like a charm.

Just ditch:
JogWheelRotary EncoderFB b0 3c 7f  b0 3c 00
and replace it with:
JogWheelRotaryCW Press b0 3c 01
JogWheelRotaryCCW Press b0 3c 41
Then hang your choice of Reaper action on JogWheelRotaryCW and JogWheelRotaryCCW.

I used: 40646 View: Move cursor left to grid division and 40647 View: Move cursor right to grid division, because I have the grid divisions on number buttons (so you can control the unit of 'jog'), but there are probably quite a few others that will work.

Coupled with modifiers, this should be good for selections, zoom etc.

Top work juedue
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