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FYI update:

CSI now reads FX template files, here are a couple of Console1 FX template files:

ReaComp.fxt contents:

VST: ReaComp (Cockos)
Threshold Thresh
Character Gain
Attack Attack
Release Release
Ratio Ratio
Compressor Bypass
Parallel Wet
CompressorMeter GainReductionDB

UADPultecEQP1A.fxt contents:

VST: UAD Pultec EQP-1A (Universal Audio, Inc.)
HiGain HF_Atten
HiFrequency HF_Atten_Freq
HiMidGain HiMidGain
HiMidFrequency HF_Boost
LoMidGain LF_Atten
LoMidFrequency Low_Freq
LoGain LF_Boost
LoFrequency Low_Freq
Equalizer Bypass
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