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Hey Geoff!

I did what you suggested for my CMC-CH and got my head around OSCII-bot.
Unfortunately, there are some downsides.

My CMC-CH has a bypass insert FX, EQ and Sends button (LED).
I tried to to write several scripts, that will check for these.
My findings are:

- it is impossible to reliably get the fx bypass status for
the selected channel (only half of the info is sent, because Reaper compares the status of the previously selected channel and only transmits changes)
- mute sends are not covered by OSC

Of course, it is no problem to use a LUA script to bypass all these.
But I want an LED feedback on my CMC-CH. And this will only work, if the selected channel is queried.

To make it short: will this be possible with your plugin?
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