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Originally Posted by Freex View Post
More out of wonderment than anything else, as the x,y makes perfect sense from the latest data.
But why was there not 2 values (EB,EC) for every position in the full circle data?
Surely for any joystick position there should be x and y values transmitted?
Or am I messing something.
There are an x and y always.

Imagine you start somewhere - EB 0 34, EC 0 05

Now suppose you move to a new value in the x direction - EB 0 03, EC 0 05

See how EC 0 05 is redundant, we already have it from the previous value, it did not change, no need to resend it we just need EB 0 03

Now suppose we move in both directions, we would need both -- EB 0 67, EC 0 87.

That's what you see sometimes interspersed in your data stream, here you didn't move perfectly straight:

EB 0 3
EB 0 5
EC 0 3E // you also moved a little in the y direction
EB 0 6
EB 0 8
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