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Heya, thanks for this control-surface-automatation Thread!
After using Ableton for live looping for some time now (I want to use Playtime and it seems this could happen soon, tried mobius too it is very nice, but I'd like to build a songstructure within arrangement in realtime) ...

I'd really like to see that alternative Device UI-Trick in Reaper too:

We can have Track Controls from every Effect Parameter and with realearn we can do MIDI-feedback & only selected device automatation: That's nearly all it needs for a great flexible 8-knob Controller like in Ableton.

I'd just like to see the possibility to give every device a very very simple 'ghost-gui' just to have (8? 16?) selected Parameters in a selfselected order.

Even that is allready there in the device view when I change to UI, but can I rearrange the Order of the faders or delete some, or use knobs?

That's all. With some pads I could trigger the active device (on a track basis if I want) and could see on the normal computer screen the controlled parameters in the right order representing the order of my knobs / faders.

What do you think? Seems so damn simple to me :-)
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