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Originally Posted by poetnprophet View Post
Looks like it goes back and forth. Since I went clockwise, seems like 12-3 = EB, 3-6 = EC, EB, then EC again. EB = 12 and EC = 13. For this column/category, it's always 12 or 13. Most others are 1 or 2 for the channel column.

Agreed that this seems to be the "outer range", and there would/should be other values with smaller concentric circles.

I'll try a couple more patterns tonight. Any other suggestions?
Haha you guys are killing' me by sending more than the 3 midi bytes

I just had a "Doh !!" moment.

Look for an EB -- you will see a 12.

Look for an EC -- you will see a 13.

Those 12s and 13s are channel numbers and are already included in the EB, EC part of the message.

Please guys, just send the 3 midi bytes.

Again we see how treating this as midi data confuses all of us (including me !), we all get thrown off by this "junk".

Please guys, just send the 3 midi bytes.
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