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Originally Posted by mutetourettes View Post
Hi there - this looks like an amazing project to finally open up a load of hitherto unusable surfaces.. that's my interest...

It occurs to me that perhaps I will need something within (or in the name of) the fx map file that identifies what real life surface it belongs to? It might not be STRICTLY necessary, but for human sanity I would also be wanting to name my files eg console1reacomp or mcuproreacomp or something so I would know what on earth was going on, and would be uncomfortable about purely relying on a folder structure to keep things right (ever moved a folder by mistake? I have). I'm thinking that might be good for community sharing too... but also within the fx file it could easily contain a line describing the devicemap it belongs to, no?
Yeah, there's no perfect solution I can see here, it's all tradeoffs.

You are free to name files however you wish of course.

However, when you consider that the same FX template might work for equally well for MCU, X Touch, Avid Artist in Mackie mode, etc., things get a bit murky.

I do see your point though.
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