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Default DIY fader not working

Hello, I have used Reaper for years, but can't seem to figure out a hardware issue.

I ordered a single USB fader from ebay, and there is a button that you hold which allows you to move the fader to control whichever CC you want. I want to control expression of my strings libraries, so if the library maps expression to CC 11, I hold the button and move the fader to 11 (there's an LED showing the number). I let go of the button at 11 and it's set.

However, even though I added it to MIDI devices as I do with any controller (i.e. I just mimicked control of my FaderPort 8 and others) I see the meter go as if it's receiving signal, but it doesn't move what I set the CC to. The seller tells me the fader is set to channel 2 (which I can't change on the fader itself), so I'm hoping I'm not SOL on this device.

Any thoughts?
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