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Oh well if it was just background noise that would be fine, just did it in the living room, no isolation, there's dog tags jingling and whatnot. Weird, the dogs mostly sit and listen. They seem to have some idea that something is going on.

I just feel that I didn't meet my challenge which was to me all about getting a decent performance, which to me is minimum getting through the piece end to end reasonably competently(?), recorded in the time frame, which I didn't do. Stuff like I was talking about, obvious performance or recording issues. Nothing I can blame on the dogs. I took on a lot of new challenges including working to a deadline aaaaand I simply did not succeed. But well worth doing.

Kind of you to take an interest fox, I'll get something together. In the spirit of the thread, I give myself til Monday. (I don't get to spend as much time day to day on this stuff as I'd like.)
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