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Remember a while back I was thinking I was clever and came up with the thought that "Shift", "Instrument", "TrackOnFocusedFX", "TrackOnSelection", etc., were just other forms of Navigator.

Nope, way off

Navigators provide navigation WITHIN a Zone.

These other things -- "Shift", "Instrument", "MapFXToWidgets", etc., allow a Zone to become active.

Let's see, Navigators navigate, what could possibly activate ?

Zone ChannelsWithShiftPressed|1-8
	Activator PageShift
	Navigator PageTrack
	Select|1-8  TrackRangeSelect
says that this Zone activates when "Shift" is pressed and navigation is tied to Track.

By convention the "Home" Zone has no navigation and no activation, it is static.

Back to MalcolmG's observation that "TrackOnSelection" can activate a Zone -- the Activator is not restricted to a surface control.

Anyone see any holes in this ?
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