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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Notes wiki -- thanks @MalcolmG -

Edit: You can now donate, just go to

Following a bit of discussion in the Feature Request subforum (, I have decided to take on the task of improving support in this area.

This is an open call for feature requests, overall philosophies, dream/cadillac solutions, etc.

Just trying to get a feel for what we should attempt to build here.

Nothing is off the table, it should be MUCH easier than the EuCon support project, because it is comparatively unconstrained.

For example: don't even know if this is possible yet, but imagine being able to control the faders from an MCU, the transport from an Artist Transport, and the VST compressors, EQ's, reverbs, etc. from an iPad (perhaps using OSC).

That's the kind of open free thinking I'd like to promote here.

From that we can derive a "doable" project.

Have at 'er folks, this only works if you participate.
Watching this the first time, how finished is this here, or are many things still flexible, especially regarding file formats, structures for example? Everything should be as easy as possible, removing all what is not relevant or elegant. Or putting it elsewhere. I liked the fact the system allows or will allow multiple devices and combined to a bigger one, not disturbing each other, sounds just perfect. This is exactly how the situation is, usually, starting there is perfect, not assuming one has a single magic device, no matter from which company, mostly they are crap anyway.

Looked a bit more. There seems to be no connection to any Reaper project template or track template? Is this normal or wanted? Why not allowing or connecting this whole control surface story to the template options in Reaper? This means your set of required files could be:
-track template(s)
-project template(s)

FXT says a series of files how the surface elements defined in the mst will map to controls in your vst plugins? Which plugins? Where are they defined? No track template, no project template, but any vst plugins? Ohh, this sounds like there could be millions of bugs because of this openness. Instead it could be limited to only those mentioned in track and project templates. And with those, it should always work correctly! Much easier to test and guaranteeing 100% functionality.

Where can I define if a surface element should control selected tracks only or selected fx only or be globally, meaning independent of track or fx selection, doing always same? Can my surface have 16 variants? One variant for each midi channel? For example each midi channel could be a page then for example or something else.

I would also want the surface being able to control or take over immediately all controls on tcp. If you defined it in your surface. You could say something like: Take over first 16 controls on tcp with those 16 hardware encoders. Or only 8 if you want less. Is this possible?

Which is the fastest or best way of generating .mst files for your given device? No tools which make life easier? Like a learning system or taking over something from Reaper what you learned already, could be a track template for example?

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