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Question Controller going off-line after opening CSI preferences

Hey guys!

Don't know if this topic has already been adressed here (I have to admit that I'm struggling a little bit with the search funcionality in such a big post).

Anyway! We've had a discussion the other day over at the german speaking forum about controllers going off-line after opening the CSI preferences in Reaper. Two members are using a Behringer X-Touch One, the other one a Steinberg CSC.

Here's the issue: initially the controller is working correctly under CSI after the start. But as soon as changes are made in the CSI prefs (or the prefs are confirmed without a change!), the controller goes off-line and won't react anymore. To reactivate it you have to turn the controller's power off and on again. After that you have to open and close CSI prefs once again. Bingo - the controller is starting up again! But the same game every time you open CSI prefs ...

Any ideas?
Let me know how to contribute in solving this problem!


PS: Geoff (and all others here), thanks a lot for your effort in making this possible. Your work is highly appreciated!
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