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Originally Posted by MalcolmG View Post

So this opens up the potential to be triggering Actions from all sorts of things occurring in Reaper, and to me this seems just as interesting (or maybe more so) than just reacting to button presses. I can already imagine having actions fire when we transition from one Region to another in Reaper, or when the BPM or tempo changes, or when we start recording, and no doubt I haven't thought about the really interesting ones.
now that is an interesting train of thought. I would definitely love to hear the ideas, that's what I really like about CSI and can't wait to see how all of this will unfold. As of now I've been kind of adding functions to my surfaces as the ideas come to me, but when CSI relaunches with this new structure I have a feeling I'll want to reconsider everything. I know I'm not using my surfaces as efficient as possible, so I love hearing of all the ideas everyone has.
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