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Default "Events" beyond Surface Controls

When I first looked at an AXT file, it was convenient to think of it as a list of surface controls followed by the actions that they should invoke.

However, I'm starting to think that's not the most helpful way to think of it. I'm beginning to think of it as a list of events that could trigger, and what behaviours we want to occur when they do.

Now, that distinction may seem subtle, given that the vast majority of these events are triggered by controls on a surface. However, there are already a couple of these Events defined that aren't related to Surface controls at all: TrackOnFocusedFX and TrackOnSelection

So this opens up the potential to be triggering Actions from all sorts of things occurring in Reaper, and to me this seems just as interesting (or maybe more so) than just reacting to button presses. I can already imagine having actions fire when we transition from one Region to another in Reaper, or when the BPM or tempo changes, or when we start recording, and no doubt I haven't thought about the really interesting ones.

Now, there's a line here somewhere between CSI and a general purpose scripting environment that we don't want to cross, but even within the scope of control surfaces I think this is one area that would be cool to expand more in the future.
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