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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Ah I see, so the rotaries at (e.g.) the XTouch Compact need to be denoted as Fader7Bit. I personally am perfectly fine with that.

Use the CSI MIDI in monitor to see what's actually being sent.

If you see a single value being sent when you turn the control clockwise and another when the control is turned anti-clockwise, go with Encoder.

If you see a range of values sent when you turn the control (increasing in one direction, decreasing in the other) go with Fader7Bit.

I'm assuming we're discussing the native mode of the surface here. In the MCU mode, rotaries 1-8 will be Encoder, 9-14 are unassigned and 15+16 could be encoder or maybe even Press (thinking about how juedue got the jogwheel working)
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