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Originally Posted by MalcolmG View Post
I can't think of anything for the current set of capabilities that aren't supported by this. Good stuff.

I'm thinking about the limitation on two message values for the FB_Light. I can think of two possible scenarios where I might want more:

- With the cycle action you explained the other day, I might have 3, 4 or more actions to cycle through. It would be good to be able to have the same number of messages that were cycled through as well, so that each of my cycle states has a different colour/brightness/flashing. eg, something like this:

MidiWidget Play
    Press     90 5e 7f
    FB_Light  90 5e 7f  90 5e 3c  90 5e 1b  90 5e 00
- Thinking back to our earlier discussion about surfaces that support multiple colours/flashing/brightness/etc (and also mschnell's recent similar comments) , I wonder whether we need to support a range of values for FB_Light. So maybe syntax like:

MidiWidget Play
    Press     90 5e 7f
    FB_Light  90 5e 7f...90 5e 00
Where this would indicate that the message can be any value in that range. Then in my axt/fxt I can decide for which value in that range I want to send in which circumstances. Seems to fit more cleanly with the mst defining surface capabilities and specific behaviour in the axt/fxt.

Obviously this second one might also solve the first one for cycle actions, so perhaps it's only the latter?

Yeah, FB_Light is but one of many variations I'd expect to see us build.

FB_LightWithColourBrightnessAndFlashing could be another

Well, you get the idea, it's to expose sets of controller capabilities to Reaper so that Reaper can utilize them for super hip feedback -- that's a technical term

So, yeah, keep the ideas coming, as you say, this Feedback separation really opens up the canvas.
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