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Originally Posted by SebyMusic View Post
Hi, still with my FaderPort 8, you told me to create a page Track with let say MCU.axt and a page Send whith McuSend.axt both with the FP8 as surface. But how to switch pages when I hit the send button on the controller for instance and then go back to tracks when I hith the track button?

Hey Seby, the Track page will be different from the SEND page.
The Track page will have MCU.axt, all else should be the same (I think...)
The Send page will have MCUSend.axt. In this axt it should be defined that pressing the send button will go to this Send page. The actual action is NEXT PAGE, so when having only 2 pages it is like a toggle between the 2. I only have 2 pages so far so I haven't really thought it out further, haha.
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