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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Are you running different versions of Reaper on the 2 machines ?

I'm using VS2017 to compile, might need that redist.

The available actions are in the .axt/.fxt files for now -- we're still pre alpha
Thanks for the quick reply! VS2017 C++ Redist was the problem. Now off to try the two surfaces. I'm thinking the X-Touch One as MC (If anyone has suggestion for which variant please chime in, the XT1 has :MC, Reaper, Studio 1, all are MC versions, I believe) and XT Compact in native.

By the way, is there any value in my testing the XT Compact midi support to see if the rotary indicators are independent of the knobs (I know upon moving the knobs indications follow, but, don't know if I send the corresponding midi to the XTC if the display and/or value is updated in the unit).
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