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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
Sorry, my bad, should have been "Balance On" for the RotaryPush. It did all work before (I just reverted back to a pre-C4 display CSI and .dylib and all is ok) I've changed Toggle+RotaryPushD2 to "Balance On" and now it behaves like D5 and D6.

I've actually just noticed that the non-working pushes (D2, D5, and D6) are actually all toggling D8 "Bypass"

Here's the .fxt in case I've messed up somewhere and can't see it:

VST: bx_control V2 (Plugin Alliance)

DisplayUpperD1 "IpGain" TrackFXParamNameDisplay "Input"
DisplayLowerD1 "IpGain" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
RotaryD1 "IpGain"
Toggle+RotaryPushD1 "IpGainOn"

DisplayUpperD2 "Balance" TrackFXParamNameDisplay "Bal"
DisplayLowerD2 "Balance" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
RotaryD2 "Balance"
Toggle+RotaryPushD2 "Balance On"

DisplayUpperD3 "Pan M" TrackFXParamNameDisplay "PanMn"
DisplayLowerD3 "Pan M" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
RotaryD3 "Pan M"
Toggle+RotaryPushD3 "Pan M On"

DisplayUpperD4 "Pan S" TrackFXParamNameDisplay "PanSt"
DisplayLowerD4 "Pan S" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
RotaryD4 "Pan S"
Toggle+RotaryPushD4 "Pan S On"

DisplayUpperD5 "MonoMkr" TrackFXParamNameDisplay "MnMake"
DisplayLowerD5 "MonoMkr" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
RotaryD5 "MonoMkr"
Toggle+RotaryPushD5 "MonoMkr On"

DisplayUpperD6 "StWidth" TrackFXParamNameDisplay "Width"
DisplayLowerD6 "StWidth" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
RotaryD6 "StWidth"
Toggle+RotaryPushD6 "StWidth On"

/DisplayUpperD7 "" TrackFXParamNameDisplay
/DisplayLowerD7 "" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
/RotaryD7 ""
/Toggle+RotaryPushD7 ""

DisplayUpperD8 "Wet" TrackFXParamNameDisplay "Mix"
DisplayLowerD8 "Wet" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
RotaryD8 "Wet"
Toggle+RotaryPushD8 "Bypass"
Now that's what I call a serendipitous mistake.

Notice how all of the broken controls have one thing in common, the quoted string has exactly 2 words -- "Balance On", "MonoMkr On", "StWidth On".

That's a great clue !

Thanks again for testing !
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