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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
RotaryD2 "Balance"
Toggle+RotaryPushD2 "Balance"

This is from the example above.

The Rotary and the RotaryPush are mapped to the same parameter "Balance".

The behaviour seems correct, you probably wanted to map the RotaryPush to something else

Did they work before ?
Sorry, my bad, should have been "Balance On" for the RotaryPush. It did all work before (I just reverted back to a pre-C4 display CSI and .dylib and all is ok) I've changed Toggle+RotaryPushD2 to "Balance On" and now it behaves like D5 and D6.

I've actually just noticed that the non-working pushes (D2, D5, and D6) are actually all toggling D8 "Bypass"

Here's the .fxt in case I've messed up somewhere and can't see it:

VST: bx_control V2 (Plugin Alliance)

DisplayUpperD1 "IpGain" TrackFXParamNameDisplay "Input"
DisplayLowerD1 "IpGain" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
RotaryD1 "IpGain"
Toggle+RotaryPushD1 "IpGainOn"

DisplayUpperD2 "Balance" TrackFXParamNameDisplay "Bal"
DisplayLowerD2 "Balance" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
RotaryD2 "Balance"
Toggle+RotaryPushD2 "Balance On"

DisplayUpperD3 "Pan M" TrackFXParamNameDisplay "PanMn"
DisplayLowerD3 "Pan M" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
RotaryD3 "Pan M"
Toggle+RotaryPushD3 "Pan M On"

DisplayUpperD4 "Pan S" TrackFXParamNameDisplay "PanSt"
DisplayLowerD4 "Pan S" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
RotaryD4 "Pan S"
Toggle+RotaryPushD4 "Pan S On"

DisplayUpperD5 "MonoMkr" TrackFXParamNameDisplay "MnMake"
DisplayLowerD5 "MonoMkr" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
RotaryD5 "MonoMkr"
Toggle+RotaryPushD5 "MonoMkr On"

DisplayUpperD6 "StWidth" TrackFXParamNameDisplay "Width"
DisplayLowerD6 "StWidth" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
RotaryD6 "StWidth"
Toggle+RotaryPushD6 "StWidth On"

/DisplayUpperD7 "" TrackFXParamNameDisplay
/DisplayLowerD7 "" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
/RotaryD7 ""
/Toggle+RotaryPushD7 ""

DisplayUpperD8 "Wet" TrackFXParamNameDisplay "Mix"
DisplayLowerD8 "Wet" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
RotaryD8 "Wet"
Toggle+RotaryPushD8 "Bypass"
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