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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Seemingly (after taking a look at your example) four byte messages is not true, but (if I understand you format ("0+") correctly) they use three bytes and abused the Channel bits for denoting the fader number with Ex ... messages.

Seems like rather silly as this would prevent using multiple in one midi stream such devices ecah using a dedicated Midi channel.

Once again the folly of thinking of this as midi data.

You are saying they "abused" the channel bits by using them to represent fader number.

How then, are they not "abusing" the E, is a fader a pitch bend ?

I would argue, no, it is a fader.

So all the control surface protocols I know of re-purpose the midi protocol -- 8 bits -- 7 bits -- 7 bits, and use it in an entirely different way.

There is no problem because there is no C#3 on a control surface

For instance most of them use 90 for Switch
So 90 03 00-7f -- switch 03

Most use B0 for Rotary
B0 07 00-7f -- rotary 07

As far as more midi channels, more complex surfaces just add midi ports instead, scales real well...
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