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Originally Posted by heda View Post
Maybe I am doing something wrong?
It is sometimes so difficult to tell when this is the case. Your post, heda, makes me think of similar situations which boggle my mind. For example, it is quite common for me to wish to work on the parts of a composition which are sandwiched between other completed parts. Adjusting time signatures being the issue in this thread. What may happen to the MIDI items makes no sense to me. Please consider the following simple gif, and explain if you can. Someone?

Is this out of place here? If so I will delete...

edit- this gif displays the ADDING of a time sig marker 3/4 in a bare 4/4 project. I used undo to ensure a speedy screen cap. The shortening of the beats PLR timebase items (project/track default) confuses me. It seems to contradict the definitions found in 'timebase help.'

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