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First i want to thanks you for all your Tempo Actions they are great

But I have some issue while trying to tempo map midi based only project. It appears that "Convert project markers to tempo makers" Loop my all Midi item, for no reason, so they overlap.

Here is a video of the issue :

and here is the project :
What did i do wrong ?


EDIT : OK, i just found the wiki article about tempo map midi items after the sws "ignore project tempo" and setting the item into "time" mode, all is ok ! (and glued midi itemps)
but i have an other issue the "onvert project markers to tempo makers" only works for the first time selection i make (based on the first item). If based on the second one, i have "Not enough markers in time selection to peform time conversion, despite the fact that two markers are on the begining and the end of the time selection. Any advice ?
(I succeed what i tried to do with the standard "Measure from time selection (new time signature)", but i'm curious to know what i'm doing wrong with the SWS action.)
Here is a video of the problem.

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