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Originally Posted by Breeder View Post
Hmm...tricky. First idea that comes is this (you need some kind of virtual cable for this):

1. Send track with midi in question to virtual cable
2. Create new project tab and create track that receives from that same virtual cable
3. Record midi from old project into new project
4. New project should contain midi file that has all the events spaced the same way old project has them, but at one tempo only.
5. Ignore tempo for the newly record item and tempo map it in that new project

Not really the most elegant thing in the world, but I guess it should work.
Yes, I believe that's the current solution to that issue

Here's a quick python script that does exactly that before I create it for real in SWS. A bit slow for big items, but should work.
This is just a very helpful tool!
Time-based midi-events have been an FR for a long time.
I'll test your script.
Would it be a good idea to have slots save/load midi item?
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