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I frequently use tempo mapping

I use the "SWS/BR:Convert project markers to tempo markers" and the "SWS/BR:Move tempo marker forward" and back. BIG THANKS !!!!!!

I have a problem now.
After converting many markers in a project and adjusting half of the track I realize that in a part I inserted less markers than I had to, resulting in the tempo to be half of what it has to be for that part. so I need to insert more bars there somehow. Having a hard time to do it.

In another part I did a mapping for 4/4 with triplets... but now I think it doesn't make sense and it is better to introduce a signature change to 3/4.
my question is... How can I re-map part of the midi track? The midi is already glued to the new tempo markers and if I just delete the tempo markers it would lose the original timing.

The main reason I can't remap things is because I cannot set the midi track to be time based.. and the item to ignore tempo changes and setting tempo to xxx value. because the tempo is not a fixed xxx value. It is already changing within the item. I have see the actions "SWS/BR: split selected items at tempo markers" but that is a mess splitting my midi notes too. Maybe it is the only solution.

Is there a way to "unglue" items from midi beats into a time based position?

Lesson learned: never glue without duplicating the track first to have a backup of the original midi.
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