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Originally Posted by Breeder View Post
As we discussed in private some time ago - when new build arrives you will be able to get the behavior you asked for (compressing peaks and dips in tempo map while preserving positions of points in front) with this macro:

SWS/BR: Select peaks in envelope
SWS/BR: Decrease tempo marker 01 BPM (preserve ovarall tempo)
SWS/BR: Select dips in envelope
SWS/BR: Increase tempo marker 01 BPM (preserve overall tempo)
Just replace Increase/Decrease actions with type of your choosing

Also, next build will have these actions too:
+SWS/BR: Unselect envelope points outside/in time selection
+SWS/BR: Save/Restore envelope point selection (5 slots)

So you can limit compression to time selection and/or preserve current point selection after compressing
btw: That "Compress point by adjusting to point before"
Is that coming as well? That's a simple one isn't it?
How about an action that adjust to point behind as well?
So, using both actions would give pretty good results.
If you mean on your request about compressing tempo points with dedicated dialog - it will not be in the next build. It will probably get incorporated in a fashion that will include all envelopes, not just tempo map (can't say when - things are busy).
No. No dedicated dialog. You've already made it (I just couldn't find it in latest build). The action that adjust point some % to the value of the previous.
I was just thinking of combining it with an opposite action.
Would work better than the above macro I believe.
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