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Hi guys,

Aha, I missed the SWS/BR: Convert project markers to tempo markers the other day when I was looking for a "SWS/BR" action to do this.

Heh heh, I just ran it and that was quick an easy.

Originally Posted by G-Sun View Post
A side-note:
If your result exceeded 240bpm you should really consider scaling down your time-signature 50%
You mean use 32nd instead of 16th, 16 instead of 8th, etc. and probably 2/4 instead of 4/4?

Yeah but this was all just an experiment in an effort to help finzic out the other day.

Originally Posted by Breeder View Post
Yep, it seems it's some sort of bug in reaper. Just use SWS method explained in this thread and you will be ok
Thanks for checking it out, with your extensions it's rather a mute point.
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