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Originally Posted by Tod View Post
Okay, here you go. I've got both the project file before tempo mapping and after.

Keep in mind, I have no problem with BPMs of 139 and less.
I don't see anything strange here. Can you please elaborate what do you expect to obtain and what conversion settings you're using?

In your example project you've put marker on every start of the measure in 4/4 at 240 BPM.
If you've typed 2 in Markers per measure (in SWS conversion dialog) it means that 2 markers represent 1st and 3rd marker of the measure and so on...So naturally 240 will turn to 120 as seen in the after project (two measures of 240 are equal to one measure in 120)

edit: I'm much more interested in your first screenshots where you're getting 120 all the way instead of 240 at double tempo:

Originally Posted by Tod View Post
Hi G-Sun, Breeder, and all.
Did you by any chance use time selection option (while changing markers per measure) ?

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