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Originally Posted by juliansader View Post
Unfortunately I don't know if the SetParent approach will work, but it is worth a try! I will add SetParent to the next update of the extension.
Oh wow - thanks!

I have my doubts as to whether it will work without further involvement with the OSs API - but if it's not too much hassle for you to add the SetParent option - then I'll give it a try.

It's a real shame the elegant Composite bitmap solution doesn't work for Windows (in my use case) - as if it wasn't for the flicker - it would be perfect!

Another wish would be for LICE bitmaps to be compatible with Reascripts native bitmaps (ie. blittable into one of the 1024 script bitmaps) - that would also solve the problem - but knowing nothing about the two formats - I guess they're not easily interchangeable (although how different can bitmap formats be assuming they are not compressed in any way and use the same bit depth?).

Anyway - I look forward to trying SetParent... Thanks again.
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