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Originally Posted by lb0 View Post
So I've had another idea and I don't know if it is feasible - but you might. Is it possible to set the overlay window as a child of my script GUI window using something like SetParent Windows API? I don't know whether this would work as it may depend on the window process ownership of the window. Any thoughts? Obviously the SetParent API isn't available in your API - and I wondered if there was any reason? If the overlay window was able to be made a child window - could it somehow be hooked into keeping it's relative location with the parent script GUI window?

Can you think of any other way of keeping the overlay window just above my script GUI without using TOPMOST which might work more consistently
Unfortunately I don't know if the SetParent approach will work, but it is worth a try! I will add SetParent to the next update of the extension.
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