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Hi everyone! long time reaper user here posting for the first time

I just saw the new update had CC envelopes added and I'm very keen to start playing around with some but I have an issue currently with the default CC parameter type.

Im trying to use my CC lanes to control a virtual lighting desk. Prior to this I was trying to use ReaControlMIDI but it doesn't seem to be cut out for what I need

The commands for the desk run via MIDI (LoopBe1) in a sequence of | CC00 - Light Desk Address 1 | CC01 - Light Desk Address 2 -/- CC95 Light Address 96

All of the CC commands (CC00-CC95) and addresses are slider controls within the virtual lighting console modifying the intensity of 'Light - Strobe - Red - Green - Blue - Auto' for 16 individual sectors

In the screenshot I posted I'm trying to make the CC00 lane have a liner increase from point a to point B but because the default Reaper CC00 command is from program changes I think it's what is stopping me from doing anything more than an 'on/off' command in the CC lane.

Is there any way to change the default CC parameter so an envelope can be correctly used? I've renamed the CC lanes but it doesn't effect the type of CC in the back end (I hope that makes sense)

For example, if I try and change a CC value that has a default name describing a panning function then the liner envelope type will still work but the style of CC drawing still denotes a panning shape (-100% - 0% - 100%)

At the moment I feel like I should cut my loses and just work around the default CC values but it would help a lot being able to brute force an envelope type regardless of the CC parameter type.
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