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here's another way to do adr:

i posted that years ago and it's pretty funky but works well for me. it didn't show up in any searches i did so took me some time to find. i think the scripting approach may be better in the long run but i found this simple and useful at the time.

the approach is to have multiple png files: 3, 2, 1, and punch, as well as two vertical streamers. the streamers are animated to come together in the center from the sides over the course of the 3, 2, 1, punch countdown and are located at the start of the template project. clips needing dialog replaced (or foley) are slid into place and recorded as needed.

the odd idiosyncrasy is in animating the streamers. for whatever reason, the envelope that animates one streamer has to be three times longer than the other. i never tried to figure out why since i got it to work and they are on their own tracks. if you like colored streamers as in this script, you can just tint the png files.

maybe it's useful to someone.
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