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Originally Posted by mgrtoma View Post
Could someone please explain/make a short tutorial on how to trigger multiple sync points with action markers ? I tried to check the code but I think my skill is too low and couldn't find how to do it.

I also tried to make markers named ! followed by the CommandID of the DSY_save cursor.lua script but it didn't work either.
Do you have SWS extensions installed?
The original script is awesome but it would be even better if the sync points could be triggered by markers.

Thank you
This would be cool, the tricky part is the way the script is set up now it calculates based on where the target is. How do we tell the script to start 10 seconds before a marker that it doesn't know is there until it has played past it? It requires some thought. I'm sure there's a way to do that but maybe not using the current trigger method.
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