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Originally Posted by Abraham Liftin' View Post
Very nice. She wrote a very cool song. Has a happy, bouncy, Rikki Lee Jones (Chuckie's In Love) vibe to it.

Everything's there as far as what I'd expect from a "live" recording. I hear every instrument. Her voice can come up a tad, I think.

I think you look fine, but if you think you need a hat, choose one. It's on me. Well, it will be on you, but I'll buy it for you.

Not joking:
Thanks Abe.

The song isn't my typical cut of tea, but it has some interesting chord changes and it's kind of fun to play. I like her voice, but she doesn't have much experience singing blues. We're keeping things pretty simple for now, I'd Rather Go Blind, The Thrill Is Gone, I'll Play The Blues For You, stuff like that.

Appreciate the offer on the top hat, they've got some pretty cool hats, but I can't let you spend that kind of money. I think I'm just going to set my clippers as low as it goes and just cut everything off, just shy of shaving it. Visually, we're not too impressive to begin with so no sense trying for something that's not there.

We're hoping to get a take Tuesday that we can submit for the contest, I'll post that take if we get it.

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