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Originally Posted by BenK-msx View Post
Part of how they work apparently,
Have Read it elsewhere too.

See 2nd paragraph, also the 'di boxes for guitars' section.
Output is traditionally at mic level.
Plus most have in built pads too.
Case of suck it and see really,
That section doesn't address loss of 10-20dB per se. Outside of a gross impedance mismatch, I don't see a passive DI fixing this issue. I have plenty of them and have never seen the input signal drop by that significant of an amount just because I'm passing a signal through it (maybe I wasn't paying attention ). An active DI with a built in pad surely but I still think a real pad or an inline mixer like you mentioned would be the most likely to work. I suppose if he had a passive DI lying around he could try it to see though and if it gave him just enough, problem solved but not sure I would order them without testing first.
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