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Originally Posted by SonicAxiom View Post
I think we're comparing apples and oranges here. Sadly, I doubt there's a converter currently which is capable of achieving 1 sample RTL. 64/44100 = 1.45 ms one way and x2 = 2.9 ms RTL if you did the test as explained in my video. 2.9 ms is still a very usable value and if you don't experience any glitches at that buffer size while you're working with your projects you can consider yourself very lucky.

I'm using the Ferrofish A32 Dante connected to the AIC128-D Dante accelerator PCIe card (Intel i5 Win7 x64) and I usually settle on 256 or even 512 samples to avoid any audio glitches especially with lots of channels being mixed and a heavy mastering chain. 512 samples gives me an accumulated RTL of 25.2 ms. Surprisingly, the 11 ms for one way are still usable when playing and monitoring VST instruments. Latency is no issue for me generally because I can provide near-zero latency cue mixes via a digital mixing console receiving a split of all recording signals directly from the Ferrofish and playing VSTi is the only occasion where latency may come into play due to live-monitoring through Reaper.

Im a dumbass. I had the "use reported latency" on. I got real excited for a second. Now I just feel dumb.
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