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Default RME UFX 2, 1 sample of round trip latency!!!!

Yeah, you read right. I just got a RME fireface UFX 2 and its advertised at 32 samples of RTL. I just did a RTL test going through my distressor, a DBX EQ and a PULTEC eqp-1a and I had to do the test 3 times because I thought I was doing something wrong. But no, I was right all three times. ONE sample of RTL. I know $2300 gets you the best converters money can buy. But ONE sample? I didnt think that was even possible. My MOTU 828es had 714 samples of RTL and that in itself isnt that bad. But ONE? Ill take it!!!

If you run a hybrid setup and use hardware save your pennies kids.

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